With so many different measuring techniques, it can be very confusing to convert one measuring type to another. Some measurements were more commonly used in the past than they are today. Drops, a measurement used for liquids, come from what is commonly known as an eye-dropper. Temperature, viscosity and the size of the dropper can all effect the amount produced. Drops are a measurement of liquids, while grams are a measurement of weight, but you can convert between the two if necessary.

Enter the number of drops your recipe calls for into your calculator. For example, 5,000 drops of water.

Multiply the number of drops by 0.05 to get the number of milliliters. This number will also be the amount in milligrams when dealing with water. For example, 5,000 drops of water equals 250 milliliters of water.

Divide this number by 1,000. This will be the amount of drops, converted into the amount in grams. For example, 250 milliliters of water equals 0.25 grams of water, or 1/4 grams.


Different substances have different densities, which means that liquid measurements and weight measurements cannot be directly converted.

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