After you drink too much, you may experience vertigo, or the overwhelming sense that the room is turning uncontrollably. This phenomenon is known as “the spins,” and it can make it hard to get that much-needed sleep. Here is how to control the spins after drinking.

Lay on your back on the edge of a bed. Take one leg off of the bed and place your foot on the floor. This may give the brain a sense of grounding and cause the spinning sensation to subside.

Induce vomiting. It might be gross for a couple of minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much better the body feels when it is purged of toxins. For some people, this is the only effective method of eradicating the spins.

Prevent the spins beforehand by padding the stomach before drinking. Eat foods high in fat and protein. Veggies and carbs break down quickly and will not spend enough time in your system. Filling the stomach slows down alcohol’s absorption rate into the bloodstream, allowing you to pace yourself.

Try visual stimulation, such as playing video games or watching television or a movie. Laying in the dark with your eyes closed will worsen the spinning sensation.

Go to bed. Most experts agree that time is the only effective tool in combating the effects of alcohol. Sleep gives your body the chance to heal and gives the liver opportunity to filter the alcohol out of your body.


  • If you’re inducing vomiting at a place other than your own home, be mindful of your surroundings and try not to leave a giant mess for some unsuspecting person to clean up.

  • Go on the offensive. Pace yourself as the evening begins, and you are less likely to have to deal with spinning rooms and hangovers later. A good trick is alternating each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water. This also serves to keep the body hydrated.