There isn't much you can do to lower blood alcohol content once the alcohol is in your blood. The liver will keep doing its thing, slowly removing alcohol from your blood at the same rate no matter what you do to try to speed it up. The only real way to lower blood alcohol content is to limit or slow the absorption of alcohol into your blood in the first place.

Eat a big, starchy meal before you drink. The food in your stomach will absorb some of the alcohol, slowing the rate at which it is absorbed.

Drink slowly. The liver can only process so much alcohol at once, so if you drink quickly you will raise your blood alcohol level. Most people can process about one drink an hour.

Continue snacking on bread, crackers, fruits or other starchy foods through the night. This will help slow the absorption of alcohol and keep blood sugar levels up, which can stop you from suffering hangovers.

Drink plenty of water. Although the liver processes the majority of alcohol in your body, the kidneys also process about 5 percent, according to Drinking enough water will help the kidneys detoxify your blood more effectively and prevent dehydration.

Wait it out. Stop drinking, have a glass of water and try to get some sleep. You will wake up at least partly recovered from the alcohol.