How to Close Your Earring Holes

By Jaimie Zinski

Ear piercing is an ancient form of body modification that is practiced today with the assistance of a gun, making the process more sterile. The ear is pierced in several places, including the lobe, cartilage and tragus. The hole left behind will stay open as long as an earring remains inside. Closing this hole because it is stretched out or because the piercing is infected is accomplished without any effort at all.

Remove earrings if your lobes are red and inflamed, which are both signs of an infection.

Step 1

Remove any earrings that are currently in any ear piercing holes.

Step 2

Leave the earrings out of your ears indefinitely. This means never placing another earring through any hole. Eventually, the holes will develop scar tissue that will permanently close the hole for good.

Step 3

Examine the holes after the two to three weeks of wearing no earrings. For some, the scar tissue development will close the holes completely by this point. If the hole is not completely closed, wait an additional week or two and check again.. For some people with piercing holes that are 10 years or older, the hole will never close completely.