By Chris Brower

You may be interrupted while drinking a soda and wish to return it to later. However, without resealing the soda can, the soda goes flat and loses its flavor. Resealing may seem impossible because unlike plastic bottles, soda cans don't have an easy resealable lid. Through maneuvering the lever on top of the can you can reseal the soda, locking in the freshness so you can finish enjoying it at a later time.

You can refill the can with other liquids before closing it.

Step 1

Turn the lever on top of the soda can to its original position before the soda can was opened, if it's not already in that spot. This is directly above the opening on the can. Looking at the can like a clock, the lever is at 12:00.

Step 2

Turn the lever on top of the soda can to the 5:00 position.

Step 3

Lift up on the lever slowly. Pull up the aluminum piece that previously covered the hole in the can.

Step 4

Grab the aluminum piece with your fingers, pulling the piece into place. Smooth the piece flat into the hole, using your fingers.