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Lead is a white-bluish shiny element. This element is used in a variety of industrial and human products. Lead and its compounds are frequently discharged into the environment as a result of industrial development and the production of consumer products. Lead is very toxic when inhaled or eaten by humans and animals. Although it is absorbed slowly by the body, constant exposure will allow lead to slowly accumulate in your body. Only a tiny amount can poison and cause devastating effects to your liver, blood and nervous system. Many natural remedies are believed to safely and effectively cleanse the body of lead and its compounds.

Eat cilantro. This herb contains potent essential oils that help flush out lead from your body. It also aids in detoxification and restores normal cellular function. Add plenty of cilantro to your main dishes and consume daily.

Take ascorbic acid (vitamin C) tablets. This vitamin enhances your immune system and can speed up the elimination of lead from your body by mobilizing lead from your tissues. The recommended dosage is two 500-mg capsules once a day.

Eat foods rich in fiber. Fiber quickly binds to lead and helps draw lead out of your body. Foods rich in fiber include red beet roots, oat bran, prunes and figs. Consume these kinds of foods on a daily basis.

Consume milk thistle in capsule form. Your liver is your body's primary organ of detoxification. Milk thistle includes the phytochemical silymarin that supports your liver by flushing out lead and its compounds. Take one 380-mg capsule once daily, preferably with food.

Consume turmeric powder. This East Asian spice includes a powerful substance called curcumin which stimulates your liver cells to eliminate lead and other toxins. Add this potent spice to your main dishes and consume every day.


  • You can consume all the natural supplements mentioned above at the same time. If you are currently taking prescription medications, consult your physician first before taking herbal supplements.

    Consult your physician before embarking on lead detoxification.