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Parasites are organisms that can live inside your body and cause illness. They can harm your body in many ways, causing everything from muscle aches to blood infections. There are innumerable parasites that can infect and live in your body. These include bacteria, viruses and worms. If left untreated, parasites can consume the nutrients from the food you eat and produce toxic waste products, which can lead to destruction of body tissues.

There are over-the-counter and prescription medications you can take to eliminate parasites. However, if you are more alternative health-oriented, you can take herbs to help naturally cleanse your body of parasites.

Take one 500 mg turmeric tablet once daily, and sprinkle turmeric to your food. Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin, a substance that can destroy parasites internally and limit the inflammation caused by extensive tissue damage, says naturopathic physician and co-author of the “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," Dr. Michael Murray.

Take one 500 mg bearberry capsule once daily. The bearberry herb contains a powerful substance called arbutin. It works by dissolving the cellular walls of numerous parasitic bacteria, which can infiltrate your body and cause illness, according to naturopathic physician Dr. Mark Percival.

Add two to three cloves of garlic to your food or take it in tablet form. When consumed internally, garlic transforms your gastrointestinal tract into a very hostile environment for many parasites. The active ingredients in garlic are ajoene and allicin, both of which can destroy parasites, including one-cell varieties, hookworms and pinworms, according to Dr. Cedric Garland, professor at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine. The recommended dosage for garlic in tablet form is one 500 mg once daily.

Echinacea is a powerful herb that can stimulate the cells of your immune system to assist in eliminating disease-causing parasites, according to naturopathic physician Dr. Richard Schulze. The recommended dosage for echinacea is one 500 mg tablet once every day, preferably with food.


You can purchase all the above mentioned herbal supplements at any large chain food store.


Seek medical advice from your doctor or health care professional.