How to Cleanse With Sage

By LeafTV Contributor

Sage has been used for thousands of years to cleanse and heal toxicity. Sage can be used to cleanse a person from a negative experience or a house from previous tenants before moving in. Sage has been known to relieve migraines, sinus infections and anxiety. Burning dried sage is the most common method of cleansing a person or space. Boiling fresh sage into tea can also enliven the spirit.

Bunch of garden sage herb
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How To Cleanse With Sage

Light the sage on fire. Light a single stem or a bundle of stems commonly called a smudge.

Blow out the fire. The flame should be reduced to a dim orange glow with a trail of escaping smoke.

Gently inhale the smoke. This works best when burning one stem of sage at a time. Lightly inhale the smoke in through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth.

Move smoke around your entire body. Set the burning sage in a bowl and gently cup the smoke in your hands. Release the smoke near your neck, chest, stomach, groin and feet. Focus on the area of your body you wish to cleanse.

Move smoke around your space. Walk with the bundle of sage in your hand around the room or space you wish to cleanse. Start at the back wall and walk the length of the room. Be sure smoke reaches all four corners.

Extinguish the sage. Place the bundle in a bowl of sand with the burning end down. This is also a good time to give thanks for its cleansing properties.


  • Hum, chant or sing a simple song to help focus your mind while cleansing with sage.