This one is for all of you who’ve purchased stoneware at a pampered chef party and never knew what to do with it once you got it home. If you were too scared to take it out of the box and start using it, FEAR NO MORE!

Take it out and don’t forget to get the little brown scraper, which is enclosed deep within the packaging, before RECYCLING your box.

Though you NEVER use soap/detergent on stoneware due to their porous surfaces, you can still keep them clean. By following the next few steps and with regular use, you will find your stones will be invaluable additions to your baking/cooking regimen.

I’ve had my stones for years and can’t say enough positive things about them.

Things You'll Need

After you have baked your first batch of highly greasy Pillsbury rolls on your stoneware piece, you will want to clean it. After it has completely cooled, wash it separately from any other dishes in your sink.

The reason to keep the soap off the stoneware is just so the next foods you bake won’t taste like your dish detergent.

You also want to keep baking/cooking fatty foods on your stone to get it that desired, blackened finish.

Unlike any of your other dishes/pots/pans, stoneware is low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. If it is deep and has sides, fill it up with hot water and let it soak overnight, this makes scrape-downs easier to accomplish. Otherwise, simply run hot water over the surface as you scrape it with the nylon square.

Additionally, you can purchase the nylon brush with scraper attached for tougher, messier jobs.

For those of you who simply MUST use a cleaning agent on your stoneware pieces, baking soda is YOUR ONLY OPTION. Shake whatever amount of baking soda makes you happy directly onto the stone, brush/scrape off the food particles, and rinse.

Using a dish towel, hand dry and put your stoneware in s safe place where it won’t get accidentally broken.


  • Keep in mind that the higher the fat content of the foods you cook on your stoneware, the darker your stone becomes–the darker your stone becomes, the better cooking/baking results for you!