How to Clean White Shoes. Owning white shoes is great. They give your outfit a fresh and bright look, but keeping them clean can be a big headache. Luckily, cleaning them is much easier than keeping them clean. With a little water, dish-washing liquid and a little bleach, your white shoes will look like new again.

Clean White Cloth Shoes

Take out any shoestrings, and place them in a mild solution of dish detergent water and a little bleach.

Place the shoes in a pillowcase.

Put the pillowcase filled with the shoes in the washing machine on normal cycle with half a cup of detergent and a cap full bleach. The bleach will help keep the shoes white.

Hand wash the shoestrings. Rinse them, and place them in the dryer to dry.

Remove the shoes from the washing machine. Take them out of the pillowcase, and allow them to air dry.

String the shoestrings back in the shoes once they're dry.

Clean White Canvas Shoes

Make a mild solution of dish detergent, water and a little bleach.

Remove any shoestrings, and follow Steps 1 and 4 above.

Take a cloth, place it into the solution and thoroughly scrub your shoes.

Use an old toothbrush to scrub some of the harder crevices and areas of the shoes.

Rinse the cloth out with clear water, and use it to rinse the shoes off.

Allow the shoes to air dry.

Polish when finished.

Clean White Leather Shoes

Make a mild solution of dish detergent, water and a little bleach.

Dip the tip of a cloth into the solution, and spot clean the shoes.

Immediately dry the areas where you cleaned the shoes.

Polish when dry with white leather shoe polish.


Use a specialty sponge made to remove scuff marks from walls to gently rub off stubborn scuff marks from white leather shoes.