Tie-dyeing popularity has made a comeback, and people tie-dye clothing for fun at home. It’s easy to tie-dye, and even easier to end up with dye all over your hands. Even if you wear with rubber gloves, the tiniest hole can lead to a dye disaster. It looks messy, but removing the dye from your hands is simple.

Things You'll Need

Wash your hands with warm water and hand soap.

Scrub your hands with a pumice stone and exfoliate the skin carefully. Only the upper protective layer of dead skin cells should be removed. Do not scrub too hard, you might damage your skin.

Wash the soap off your hands and dry them thoroughly.

Repeat these steps if there is still dye on your hands. Use a toothpick to remove any dye on and under your nails. Wash your hands again.


  • There are products you can purchase from dye suppliers, formulated to remove the dye.