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A brand-name oven mitt, the Ove Glove is made of Kevlar and Nomex, which are used to make firefighter clothing. This makes the glove able to withstand the extremely high temperatures of the oven and hot pans -- up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. It was originally marketed during late-night infomercials, but you can buy it in big-box stores and from online retailers. The Ove Glove is simple to use and keep clean.

Dab stains on the Ove Glove with concentrated liquid laundry detergent and rub it into the fabric.

Place the Ove Glove with other delicate clothes into your washing machine with the proper amount of detergent for the load size. If the Ove Glove has a lot of grease on it, do not wash it with other clothes.

Wash the Ove Glove in the washing machine using only cold water and the delicate cycle.

Remove the Ove Glove from the washing machine and place on the drying rack or clothesline to dry. Let the Ove Glove completely air dry before using it again.


Do not dry the Ove Glove in a clothes dryer. Do not use the Ove Glove if it is still wet or has grease on it.