Geoffrey A Stemp

White shoes and sneakers look sharp when clean. When your white shoes get dirty and show marks, you should do something about it right away, before stains become permanent.

Mix some dish soap in water and wipe the bottom of the shoes with an old rag. This will get rid of some dirt, and if your shoes aren't that dirty, this may be all you need. If they need more intensive cleaning, follow the next steps.

Squeeze some whitening toothpaste onto an old toothbrush that you will not use again for brushing teeth. Brush the bottom of your white shoe with the toothbrush. Wipe clean with a wet washcloth. Set out to dry.

Pour 1/4 cup bleach in a bowl. Wear rubber gloves, and dip the toothbrush in the bowl and scrub the bottom of the white shoe. This will bleach off any stains and disinfect the shoe at the same time. Rinse the bleach off when you are finished with a wet washcloth. Dry with a towel or in the sun.

Pour some white vinegar on a rag and rub on the bottom of the white shoes. Repeat if it doesn't come clean after the first round of rubbing. Rinse off with some water and dry with a towel.

Spray some laundry stain remover on the bottom of the white shoes and let it set in for about 10 minutes. Wipe the dirt away with a wet washcloth and set out to dry.

Pour some nail polish remover on a rag and clean the bottom of the white shoes. Wipe off with a wet paper towel and allow to air-dry.