Tapeworms may be disgusting, but they are shockingly common. In an interview cancer specialist Dr. William Kelley said that he found some type of parasite in 92 percent of his patients. The high fat, low fiber processed foods that make up many American's diets do not get digested entirely and instead form a sludge on the inside of the colon. Tapeworms love the moist, bacteria ridden corners and crevices that result, which is why any parasite cleanse should be a more extensive form of a colon cleanse.

How to clean tapeworms from the human colon

A parasite cleanse should mirror a colon cleanse but be more extensive. The first step is to begin some type of fast which involves getting away from foods tapeworms love. At the least abstain from enriched flour, sugars, meats, dairy, processed foods and alcohol for five days during the cleanse.

As you are fasting, drink at least your weight in ounces daily in distilled water. Begin taking the herbal laxatives and bowel cleansers.

Make sure you are having at least daily bowel movements during your parasite cleanse. Because water and juice fasts often shut down the digestive system, it may be necessary to use an enema to keep the bowel active.

As the tapeworm begins to die you may experience cramps and intense cravings for unhealthy foods. Visually check your stool to see if there are any signs of tapeworms, particularly after day three of your cleanse.

After your cleanse ends you should drink two glasses with a mixture of wormwood, ground cloves and water or juice daily for a few days. This extremely bitter concoction will ward off any eggs left by the previous tapeworm and should kill any remaining adults.


  • Seven days is a recommended bare minimum for a tapeworm cleanse. It may take a few weeks to get rid of all of the parasites in your body. Parasites are found everywhere and could re-infest if they are given a fertile breeding ground through continued poor colon health.