pink shoes image by Joann Cooper from Fotolia.com

If your favorite pink suede shoes are in need of a quick cleaning, there is no need to panic. Because suede is a delicate fabric, you will need expert tips to clean the fabric gently without damaging the leather or destroying the beautiful pink hue. With a few common household items and two products made specifically for suede, you can restore the rosy color back to your shoes in less than 20 minutes.

Brush the shoe to reveal dirt. To loosen dirt trapped in the nap, use an old toothbrush or old towel to bring the dirt to the surface of the shoe. If your shoes are covered in dust or sand, use the small attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt gently.

Apply a suede brush to remove any dust or grime. Using short strokes, brush the soiled area. The suede brush removes small pieces of the leather to reveal the smooth under layer of the skin without diminishing the pink color of the shoe.

Remove scuffs with an emery board or pencil eraser. Use these tools to erase small black marks. Rub gently to prevent fabric damage.

Blot dry. If you get moisture on your suede shoes, quickly blot them dry with a clean cloth. Take suede shoes drenched by the rain or snow to a professional for expert cleaning and repair.

Sponge vinegar to remove stubborn dirt or stains. Apply a mixture of 1 tsp. of vinegar and 1 tsp. of water to an old rag or T-shirt. Press into the soiled area gently. Let the vinegar dry for 10 minutes. Apply the suede brush to the area, to lift the vinegar solution and the stain. Dilute the vinegar to prevent the pink suede from darkening.

Spray shoes with a silicone shoe protectant. After every third wearing of your pink shoes, apply a suede fabric protector to resist new stains. Spray the solution lightly--for four or five seconds--to protect the suede during wearings.


Remove oil-based stains with a degreaser made for light-colored suede fabrics.


Never apply heat to the soiled area. The heat darkens the pink suede beyond repair.

Before treating your pink suede shoes, use a patch test to avoid damage.

Avoid cleaning your suede shoes too frequently. After each brushing the pink suede will disappear from the soiled area.