Brown leather sandals

Ecco is a shoe brand which designs comfortable, stylish shoes for men, women and children. Ecco sells a variety of shoes; from casual shoes to boots. You can also purchase sandals from Ecco. If you constantly wear your favorite pair of Ecco sandals, they will tend to get dirty. According to, Ecco recommends that individuals use the Ecco shoe care products to properly clean their shoes.

Cleaning Ecco Sandals

Use the Ecco Nubuck & Suede Eraser to wipe off any dust or dirt that is on the sandal. The eraser is cubed with a flat side and rigid side. Apply the flat side on the sandal to easily wipe away dirt. The rigid side is used for greasy stains. The eraser is used for the removal of light dust or dirt.

Apply a dime size amount of Ecco Foam cleaner to the stain that is on your sandal. Rub the foam cleaner into the shoe in a circular motion, with a sponge or cloth. Do not wet the sandal too much; too much water can damage the sandal. The sponge or cloth should be slightly damp with the foam cleaner.

Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly. Squeeze out any extra water. Lightly wipe away any excess cleaner from the sandal using the sponge or cloth.

Allow the sandal to dry naturally. The drying process should take one to two hours.

Apply the Ecco Oil Nubuck Conditioner to condition the sandal. According to, their sandals are made of oil nubuck. Take off the cap from the conditioner bottle and press the sponge onto the shoe. Spread a light amount of conditioner onto the sandal using a circular motion. Wipe off any excess. Allow one hour for the conditioner to dry naturally on the shoe.

Spray a light amount of the Ecco Oil Nubuck Waterproofing Spray onto the sandals. The spray should only be applied to dry footwear. This spray protects the sandals from moisture. You can also use Ecco’s Universal Waterproofing Spray to accomplish this task. Allow for the sandal to dry for one hour.