How to Clean Black Hills Gold Jewelry

By Angela Tague

The highly stylized three-dimensional patterns found on Black Hills gold jewelry can easily trap dirt. The raised leaf, vine and grape motifs can become entangled with lint from your pocket or coated with dried hand lotions and hairspray. Cleaning the textured surface of Black Hills gold rings, bracelets and necklaces may also be necessary to remove tarnish. Silver and copper are added to yellow gold to create the pink- and green-colored metals found on the eye-catching jewelry. Although the alloys are durable, they can darken and tarnish over time by everyday exposure.

credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Warm 3 cups of tap water in the microwave. Set the microwave for one to two minutes. Do not heat the water to boiling. Pour 2 cups of the water into a shallow bowl. Set aside 1 cup of warm water.

Step 2

Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent to the shallow bowl of warm water. Use a toothbrush to stir the water until it forms suds.

Step 3

Measure 1 tsp. of household ammonia. Stir it into the soap-and-water mixture with the toothbrush.

Step 4

Dip the bristle end of the toothbrush in the mixture. Gently scrub the surface of the leaves, vines and grape motifs on the Black Hills gold jewelry with the toothbrush.

Step 5

Turn the jewelry over. Clean the crevices on the backside of the jewelry to remove ingrained dirt, with the same toothbrush. Clean the jewelry until the shine of yellow, pink and green gold is restored.

Step 6

Rinse the jewelry in clear, warm water. Dip each piece into the reserved cup of water, and swish to remove any suds.