A flat iron may be a staple in your sleek hair routine, but if it is not cleaned regularly it could leave your strands looking frazzled. Hair product builds up on the plates, with even the lightest leave-in conditioner bonding to the iron due to heat. The residue dries out your hair and prevents the iron from heating up to full capacity. Take on a common trick used by professional stylists and reach for some household products to return your iron, and your mane, to shiny condition.

Unplug your flat iron and allow it to cool down completely. Buildup removes easiest when the iron is cool, and working on a hot iron is unsafe.

Pour rubbing alcohol onto a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths attract residue without spreading it around, and alcohol helps to break down the hair product while polishing the iron.

Rub the cloth over your iron, using a circular motion. Concentrate on brown and copper markings, as this is hair product buildup. If this is your first time cleaning the iron it will take a few reapplications, but if your iron has only been used once or twice it should wipe away with ease.

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and run it along the edges of the metal plate. Buildup tends to gather here after multiple uses.

Soak a clean paper towel in water, and wipe down the iron to remove any remaining residue. Clean the iron after every use with the microfiber cloth alone for best results, and at least once a week with rubbing alcohol.