Whether you have porcelain white skin or chocolate brown skin, finding the perfect foundation color can be difficult. But choosing the best foundation color for your skin type is key to looking your best.

Matching Foundation Shades to Skin Type

Look at the natural color of your skin. Even if you dislike its shade, working with it by choosing a color that matches will look better than trying to lighten or darker it.

Consider buying two shades, so that you can use a slightly darker color in the summertime if you tan easily.

Choose a foundation with undertones in the shade that matches the undertones of your skin. For most people, this is either yellow or pink.

Test the foundation on your forearm. The makeup should basically disappear, while working to cover slight blemishes.

Choose a foundation and concealer from the same product line to make sure they match perfectly.

Remember that liquid foundation usually looks darker in the bottle than on the skin.

Test the foundation on your face at a makeup counter if possible.


  • Ask a beauty representative for recommendations if you’re having trouble deciding what you need. She will be able to notice things about your skin color that you will not see.

  • Higher quality products may be more expensive, but they often provide better results.