Gray hair is no longer considered the dreaded sign of old age, but can be chic and attention grabbing when it’s healthy and well-maintained. Gray hair doesn’t have to mean dry, brittle and drab. With the shampoos and conditioners now available on the market gray hair can be classy and elegant. Choose gray hair shampoo wisely, and a stylish mane of gray hair will make heads turn for a second look.

Shampoo for Gray Hair

Use a moisturizing shampoo for gray hair to alleviate dryness.

Reverse the signs of gray with a shampoo that darkens gray hair gradually. Avoid immediate changes that are not natural looking.

Pamper gray hair with a shampoo that contains Omega 3. Shampoo rich in Omega 3 will penetrate the hair follicle and help preserve the natural color.

Use clarifying shampoos to strip residue from hair and restore shine.

Condition dry, brittle gray hair with a moisturizing conditioner.

Look for shampoos and conditioners made specifically for gray hair.

Shampoo gray hair with treatments containing a bluing tint to avoid yellowing.

Mix a blue tinted shampoo with regular moisturizing shampoo to achieve the level of tinting and moisture you want.

Remove unattractive purple cast with a clarifying shampoo. Gray hair may appear purple when the bluing tint shampoo is too strong.

Care and Treatment for Gray Hair

Delay those gray hairs by using Emu Oil on your hair! It can help protect and preserve the natural color of hair while replenishing moisture.

Use smallest amounts of shampoo and other products as possible.

Protect hair from exposure to the sun or ultra violet rays.

Eat a balanced diet to preserve necessary nutrients in the body, and consider taking vitamin B12 in tablet form to revitalize gray hair.

Moisturize gray hair with a leave-in conditioner to combat excessive dryness.

Choose hair color two shades lighter than your normal color to blend more naturally with gray hair, if you decide to color your hair.


  • Hair turns gray when the hair follicle stops producing pigment. The hair actually becomes transparent but appears gray next to darker hair.

  • A streak of gray is a common occurrence.

  • A person cannot go gray overnight because the color forms below the scalp. The hair will become gray as the colored portion of the shaft “grows out”.