How to Choose a Magnified Makeup Mirror

By LeafTV Editor

Magnified makeup mirrors can be very useful accessories to have in the bathroom or other area where makeup is applied. This type of makeup mirror is ideal for those who have a hard time seeing but are unable to wear anything to correct their vision when applying makeup. There are many factors that go into selecting the perfect magnified makeup mirror.

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How To Choose A Magnified Makeup Mirror


Choose a price range before searching for a magnified makeup mirror. They can range anywhere between $10 to hundreds of dollars. Since the cost of makeup mirrors can vary widely, it's important to decide on a price range before beginning your search.

Select what type of material your magnified makeup mirror should be made from. This can have a huge effect on the appearance of the mirror. Sterling silver is a great choice in most cases. Sometimes, a wooden frame can be a nice option for the makeup mirror. It's also possible to find magnified makeup mirrors with decorative frames.

Decide on either a wall mounted or table top magnified makeup mirror. Wall mounted magnified makeup mirrors are ideal for people who prefer to stand up and look in a mirror when they apply their makeup. Table top magnified makeup mirrors are a great choice for people who prefer to do their makeup at a table, vanity or other flat surface.

Choose between double- or single-sided magnified makeup mirrors. It really depends on personal preference. Usually double-sided makeup mirrors have one magnified side and the other nonmagnified. Some people prefer single-sided mirrors, while others prefer double-sided mirrors so they can see the end result clearly. Double-sided mirrors can be found in most eye doctor's offices, where glasses are sold.

Determine how high the magnification of the makeup mirror should be. This will mainly depend on how bad the vision of the person using the mirror is. Most magnified makeup mirrors will offer up to 12x magnification and 5x magnification is a common choice.

Take lights into consideration when choosing a magnified makeup mirror. Some makeup mirrors have light bulbs that are built into them. Some magnified makeup mirrors are battery operated, but others need to be plugged in.


  • Be sure to check out some well-known brands, such as Conair. Battery operated lighted makeup mirrors may cost more money, but will provide you with a magnified makeup mirror if there is no electricity.