How to Check the Value of a Coach Watch

By Ziggy Thomas

Finding out the value of your Coach watch makes sense for a variety of reasons. Knowing the value of your items helps if you need to report a loss to insurance companies, return the item, or plan on selling it. You can use a number of ways to find out the value of your Coach watch, none of which take up too much time.

Step 1

Find a jeweler online or drive to a local jeweler and call to ask if they do appraisals. You can usually find a jeweler in your local mall or with a quick Internet search using the keywords "watch appraisal." Many jewelers have national chains and you can find one close to you by checking their home page.

Step 2

Write down information about your Coach watch to let the appraiser know the basic details. Many online jewelers ask basic information such as the gender the watch was designed for, the age of the watch, colors and other details significant in the appraisal process. The appraiser will contact you after you fill out this information online.

Step 3

Drive to the jeweler of your choice that offers the appraisal service to have the watch appraised. If you do not want to go to just any jewelry store, you can go to a Coach store and ask if someone there does appraisals or can value your watch.

Step 4

Look on the Coach website to see if the watch is priced on the website to get a general idea of the value.

Step 5

Buy a price guide that has your watch in it. Many price guides contain a multitude of watches. Finding one that has your specific watch already valued would be helpful to you, especially if you need other watches priced.