How to Care for a Nipple Piercing

By LeafTV Editor

How to Care for a Nipple Piercing. Both men and women can decide to get a nipple piercing. A nipple can be pierced with a ring or using a barbell. Since this is such a sensitive area on the body, you will want to ensure that you properly care for a nipple piercing. Read on to find out how.

Care for a Nipple Piercing

Step 1

Clean the piercing in the shower. This will ensure that you thoroughly clean and rinse the nipple piercing.

Step 2

Use a fragrance free anti-bacterial soap. Lather the soap and wash all areas of the piercing site. Use the tips of your fingers to get the area completely clean.

Step 3

Rotate the jewelry while you are cleaning the area. This will help get the entire piercing clean and avoid infection.

Step 4

Rinse the piercing site and jewelry until all soap has been removed. You can pat the site dry when you leave the shower.

Step 5

Use an over the counter pain reliever to help deal with the pain. A nipple piercing can cause discomfort and this can help lessen the pain and reduce swelling.

Step 6

Handle the piercing only when necessary. If the nipple piercing is touched too often, it will take a longer time to heal.