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Field inspectors need access to devices that allow them to perform necessary measurements away from laboratory conditions. Workers in the restaurant industry might want to accurately portion food prior to purchasing it or adding it to a recipe. Blade scales, manufactured by the American Weigh Scales company, target consumers on-the-go who need to weigh small objects accurately. Blade scales feature a backlit display, a small, pocketable size and a convenient carrying case. Accurate measurements depend on proper tool calibration so Blade scales come equipped with a calibration function to ensure the device is weighing items properly.

Press the power button on the Blade scale. Press and hold the "M" or "Mode" key until "CAL" flashes on the display.

Release the "M" or "Mode" key, then press it once. Watch for "CAL" to flash on the display again, followed by the amount of the calibration weight needed to calibrate the scale. Depending on the model, the calibration weight might be 50 grams, 100 grams or 200 grams.

Center the calibration weight on the Blade scale.

Wait several seconds for the scale to calibrate. The display will flash "PASS."

Remove the weight from the scale. Turn off the scale prior to using it.


Only use calibration weights of the size appropriate for your particular Blade scale model.

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