How to Buy Wine in Bulk

By LeafTV Contributor

When you buy wine in bulk, you're bound to save a lot of money while keeping a continuous stock of delicious wine on hand. Many wine connoisseurs choose to make a bulk wine purchase if they attend a tasting and find a wine they really enjoy.

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How To Buy Wine In Bulk

Plan out how much wine you want to buy in bulk. Most people usually estimate by using the number of glasses that you can pour with each bottle of wine. For traditional sized bottles, you're going to get about 5 glasses of wine out of each.

Find a wine cellar or vineyard that sells wine in bulk. Most vineyards allow you to place a bulk order, but may not provide you with discount pricing. Look for places that take money off when you order a case or more. Check out the pricing on cases on the Wine Legacy site (see Resources below).

Place an order for the number of cases you want. Each case of wine comes standard with 12 bottles of wine. If you want enough for 120 glasses, then you'll need to order a minimum of 2 cases.

Store the bulk wine order and reorder as needed. Most wines retain their flavor for many years. Keep wine stored in a cellar and replenish your stock when you only have a few bottles left.


  • You may also want to buy wine in bulk if you're hosting an event. Event planners and wedding coordinators often make bulk wine purchases to save their clients money.

  • Remember to check state laws prior to purchasing bulk wine orders online. You may find restrictions that prevent you from ordering online.