If you are thinking of starting a business to tap into the billion-dollar hair product industry, buying wholesale is absolutely necessary. You need a resale license if you are serious about reselling for a profit. Genuine wholesale distributors will only sell hair products to businesses with a valid resale license or reseller certificate. Some wholesalers also ask for a business license or cosmetology license.

Apply for a business license. Go to Business.gov for information on obtaining a state license and local business permit.

Find the homepage on Business.gov, and click on the Register, Licenses & Permits tab. Enter your city, state or zip code and choose your business type. Follow the instructions and complete the business license application process.

Apply for a Sales Tax ID and Reseller Certificate with your state tax department. For example, if you live in Georgia, you must apply to the Georgia State Department of Taxation. You can do this in person, online or on the telephone. Once you have your reseller certificate, you can start contacting wholesale suppliers.

Research for information about wholesale importers, suppliers and distributors for the products you're interested in buying. Sites like GlobalSources.com, Alibaba.com and WholesaleCentral.com offer leads to hair product manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Choose the supplier, manufacturer or distributor of the products you want to purchase wholesale. Visit the website of the supplier and find out their product range. Ensure that they have the products you're interested in buying and that they are a reputable company.

Contact the distributor or manufacturer directly via their website or by calling or writing to make an inquiry about buying their products wholesale.

Find out the minimum order. Most wholesalers have a minimum order requirement. Ask about the types of payment they accept, their shipping methods and their return policy before ordering.