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Highlights add dimension to your natural hair color. But once the roots start to grow out, it's not always a good look. In between hair appointments, there are a few tricks you can do to blend in dark roots with your highlights.

Hair Powder

Pick up some root touch-up powder from the beauty supply store. All you have to do is brush it on at the roots; it adheres to the oil on your hair follicle and stays on until you shampoo it out. Root powders are available in blonde, red, gold, brown, and black. Choose a color closest to the color of your highlights.

Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is also available in beauty supply stores. Brush it on to cover your roots. (Psst: It even comes in wild hues like fuchsia.)


Add lowlights to your hair. These are dark blonde to brown strands of hair interspersed through your highlighted hair. Lowlights tone down your highlights a bit and make them blend into the dark roots better. Lowlighting kits are available in most beauty supply stores. Follow the directions on the box.


Add a few more highlights to your roots on your own using a root touch-up kit, also available from the beauty supply store. Follow the directions on the box.


Creating volume makes dark roots look more attractive. Add a volumizing styling product to your roots after you shampoo and condition. Blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. Put large rollers in your hair at the crown of your head to add more lift. Let the rollers dry for 20 minutes. Take the rollers out and fluff your hair at the roots. Voila!


Coloring your own hair takes practice. It's best to start with hair powder or hair mascara first since you can easily wash those out.