How to Blend Dark Roots After Highlights

By Dawna Theo

Highlighted hair is lighter than your natural hair color. As your hair starts to grow out, the roots of your naturally darker hair will be noticeable. In between your hair lightening appointments, there are a few tricks you can do to blend in dark roots with your highlights until you are able to get to your hair technician.

Close-up of a female hairdresser dyeing a mid adult woman's hair
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Dyeing hair

Step 1

Blend your dark roots into your highlighted hair by using a semi permanent hair color. Buy a semi-permanent hair color in the beauty supply section of most stores. Shampoo the hair color into your hair and rinse it out, following the directions on the box. The color will last for approximately six weeks. Choose a color between your highlighted hair and your dark roots so it will blend with the roots and make them less noticeable. There are colorless glazes that are semi-permanent as well that tone down the highlights just enough to make them blend with the roots.

Step 2

Use a hair powder to blend in your dark roots. Root powders are available in blonde, red, gold, brown and black. Brush the powder on your hair at the roots where it will adhere to the oil on your hair follicle. The powder will stay on the roots until you shampoo it out. Choose a color closest to the color of your highlights.

Step 3

Brush on hair mascara to cover your roots. Hair mascara is available in many different colors, including wild colors like fuchsia, in the hair care section of beauty supply stores. Follow the directions on the container, brushing from root to tip of hair.

Step 4

Add lowlights to your hair. Lowlights are dark blonde to brown strands of hair interspersed through your highlighted hair. There are highlighting and lowlighting kits available in most beauty supply stores. To add the low lights, follow the directions on the box and darken strands of 10 to 20 hairs throughout your head starting at the roots and going all the way to the ends. This will tone down your highlights a bit, but will blend the dark roots in better.

Step 5

Add a few more highlights to your roots on your own using a root touch up kit from the store. Following the direction on the box; highlight strands of 10 to 20 hairs interspersed throughout your roots and blend into the blonde highlights.

Step 6

Style your hair so that the roots blend in and look attractive. If you add some lift at the roots by creating volume when you style your hair the roots will blend in better. Add a root volumizing hair styling product at your roots after you shampoo and condition. Blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. Put large rollers in your hair at the crown of your head to add further lift. Let the rollers dry for twenty minutes. Take the rollers out and fluff your hair at the roots.