How to Bleach Knots on a Lace Wig

By Sidney Johns

For some women, our lace wigs are a daily part of living. They become as much a part of our style as the clothes we choose and the perfume we spray on each morning. But what happens when you tire of the same old hair color, day in and day out? Thankfully, changing the color of the lace wig is as simple as coloring your natural hair, the only issue being the delicate knots that attach the hair to the lace. Anytime you lighten your wig, you will need to bleach the knots. This process should be done with care as to not ruin your daily friend.

credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Turn your lace wig inside out and place on a wooden holder wrapped in plastic.

Step 2

Mix equal parts bleach powder and professional developer in a non-metallic bowl. Be sure to stir thoroughly until there are no lumps in the bowl. The mixture should appear white, with a possible blue tint, and completely smooth.

Step 3

Use the small applicator brush to apply a very small amount of the bleaching agent to knots on the wig. You will want to start in the front of the wig and move back systematically to avoid missing any knots.

Step 4

Allow bleaching agent to remain on the wig for the manufacturer's recommended time before rinsing thoroughly with cool running water.

Step 5

Remove the plastic from the wooden holder and re-wrap with plastic. Place the wig on the holder to dry.