How to Be A Sexier Woman

By LeafTV Editor

Whether you are trying to impress a new hottie or just want to boost our own self confidence, it is important to constantly improve yourself in every way possible. Below are some tips I have discovered that are sure to help you be sexier. You will know it works when you feel better about yourself or attract a date or two!

Feeling sexy can make you feel powerful.

Step 1

Always wear sexy underwear/lingerie under your regular clothes. This will make you feel sexy, which will in turn cause you to act sexier. Stock up on lacy under things, push-up bras, or thongs with fun prints on them.

Step 2

Work out. Dancing and yoga are fun and do not feel like workouts yet they burn calories quickly and tone your body up. This will give you a sexier body, sexier posture, and added flexibility, which is great for sex.

Step 3

Smile more often! If you avoid smiling because you are embarrassed of your teeth, have them whitened or straightened as necessary. It will be the best investment you ever made!

Step 4

Wear high heels, wedges, or high boots. Appearing and feeling taller gives you a boost of confidence, the appearance of longer legs, which will give you a leaner look as well. Not to mention they make your butt look firm and more voluptuous.

Step 5

Never leave the house without doing your makeup or hair. You never know who you may run into! The one time you run to the gas station or supermarket in the middle of the night for milk or diapers, you may just run into your husband's ex, your rival from high school, or a potential date! Always appear neat and polished, even if you want to look simple and not so done up. At least have your hair brushed and pulled back neatly, make sure you are dressed in figure-flattering clothes (even if they are sweats), and hide any blemishes with foundation and/or powder. I like to always have at least some lip gloss, blush, and mascara as well.

Step 6

Act like a lady. No matter what kind of guy you are trying to impress, this will be an attractive quality. Even if you are the aggressive, athletic, or outgoing type, there are some things that you should keep feminine. For example, try not to curse too much because it is really a turn off for most guys. Some guys don't mind it, but it is never a turn ON, so just avoid it altogether.

Step 7

Have your own personality. Don't try to act like someone else, or take on another image that you think is attractive to the opposite sex (or whichever sex you are trying to attract). Staying genuine is the most important thing, because if you attract someone under a different persona, eventually they will see your true side and the relationship may not last. This does not mean you cannot improve or change certain things about yourself.

Step 8

Pick up some hobbies or interests if you don't have any. A well-rounded person who is interesting to talk to is infinitely sexier than someone who is boring or single-minded. Not to mention you may meet someone special when you sign up for that art class or some tennis lessons.

Step 9

Read. Read the news, books, whatever you want, but an educated person is sexier than someone who is less informed or less knowledgeable, whether it is through formal education or self education. Stay up to date with current events. Stay away from the TV.

Step 10

Always smell good whenever possible. Good hygiene is probably one of the most important things. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, shower daily, use deodorant, and rinse your mouth with mouth wash (or at least take a mint) after eating!

Step 11

Just take care of yourself. When you feel better about yourself, and you feel special, other people can pick up on this vibe and will become attracted to you. Get your nails done or at least trim them, get facials, and visit a spa for a massage every once in a while if you can. Go on a vacation whenever possible, or stay in one weekend and just pamper yourself (by reading a good book, drinking some hot green tea, snacking on pomegranates and grapes, and soaking yourself in a salt bath).

Step 12

Get plenty of sleep! This may not seem like it can help you be sexier, but having bags under your eyes does not help either. Besides, the more energetic you are, the more people will be attracted to you. You will also smile more, be wittier because your mind is sharper, and feel more confident.

Step 13

Embrace both your masculine and feminine sides. A true balance is almost like perfection. A woman who loves sports or knows how to change a tire while also being a good cook and staying stylish is every man's dream come true. Be competitive and assertive like a guy, but soft and sensitive like a lady also.

Step 14

Be modest and humble. Sure, guys stare at girls who walk around with their butts hanging out from their mini skirts, but in the long run those girls do not keep a man's respect or even attention for long. You can be sexy and classy at the same time. It is fine to show some cleavage once in a while, or wearing a backless dress to a special event, but just make sure you do not overdo it. Don't brag about yourself, and don't talk down about other women. He will see how great you are even if you don't try to sell yourself. Envy and jealousy are huge turn-offs, and when you say mean things about other women, no matter how much she deserved it or how you put it, it still makes you seem jealous.