How to Bard Meat

By LeafTV Editor

How to Bard Meat. Barding meat was a common practice for homemakers that wanted only the juiciest, most succulent meat to serve to their family. If the housewife was lucky enough, her local butcher would bard the meat for her at purchase. Today, most homemakers have never heard the term though barding will make even a cheap cut of meat or poultry delicious. Read on to learn how to bard meat.

Step 1

Cut thin strips or sheets of bacon, salt pork or fatback. If you're using bacon, use pieces that have the most fat.

Step 2

Cover the entire piece of meat or poultry with a thin layer of sliced fatback, bacon or salt pork. If the pork is very salty, you may want to boil it for about five minutes to remove some of the extra salt.

Step 3

Tie the meat or poultry with butcher's string, making certain the entire piece of meat or poultry is covered with the thinly sliced bacon, salt pork or fatback. Use several pieces to ensure that the fat stays in place while the meat cooks.

Step 4

Place the meat or poultry in the oven preheated to the appropriate temperature. Barding doesn't require any change in baking time.

Step 5

Remove the meat or poultry from the oven about 15 minutes before it's fully cooked.

Step 6

Take the barding meat, the pork, off by removing the strings. Put the meat or the poultry back into the oven and allow it to continue to cook uncovered for the balance of the time.