Cooking a store bought pizza is :
temperature, timing, and location
I like to make pizza that can be
reheated and enjoyed — later

Things You'll Need

Place oven racks with one in center… and one on bottom…
Start oven and set temperature — BAKE at 375 degrees
Takes about 5 minutes to reach temperature

Get cookie baking sheet ready…place non-stick paper on sheet…put pizza in middle of sheet.
I usually place french fries, or nuggets on ends — to fill sheet…believe in getting bang for buck.

When the oven has reached 375 degrees I place sheet on center rack and use a TIMER — BAKE for 15 minutes…
This lightly browns bottom of pizza – heat rises

Most people cook until crust is HARD to get top DONE –WRONG
*** To brown top of the pizza place pan on BOTTOM rack ***
*** Turn oven to BROIL — HIGH ….Set Timer — 2 MINUTES ***


  • Broiling top of pizza for 2 MINUTES makes all the difference in the world. This will probably work on anything that is baked on a cookie sheet, most reccomend turning over pieces, this way turning over is not required.

  • A garlic spray really makes pizza taste yummy.