Crave that old fish recipe, but don’t know how to bake fish in aluminum foil? Read on to find the tips you need to know to become an expert at using aluminum foil to bake the perfect fish filet!

Things You'll Need

First of all, measure the thickness of the fish. You’ll want to know this to know how long to cook. Figure about ten minutes of cooking per thick inch of fish. Fish has to cook at high temperatures, so preheat oven to around 425-250.

Spread the aluminum foil over the baking pan and spray with non stick spray.

Use whatever recipe you have for a marinade/cooking juices. Since you’re using aluminum foil in an oven, basically you’re steaming the fish and so you need some butter, marinade, or cooking juice. If you’re working to impress someone, a white wine marinade is a great choice.

Wrap each fillet in its own aluminum foil, along with some juice and veggies, if desired. Wrap tightly, and place them on the aluminum covered baking pan.

Bake for the prescribed amount of time, according to fillet thickness. The fish is ready when it is white and flaky, falling apart easily. Don’t overcook.

Repeat and practice until you’re a master fish chef!


  • Have fun with the marinades, but practice until you get a few consistently good ones down.