How to Avoid Breaking Stiletto Heels

By Lauren Romano

Many women love wearing stiletto heels. One major problem that some women have with wearing stilettos is the potential that the heel could break. Following these simple tips will help you avoid breaking stiletto heels.

How to Avoid Breaking Stiletto Heels

Step 1

One reason that stiletto heels can get broken is that women start walking awkwardly on them because their feet begin to get uncomfortable and start to hurt from wearing the stilettos. Stick some cushioned comfort insoles into the stilettos before you put them on and it will help your feet to feel more comfortable in them. When you start to walk awkwardly in stilettos, you are more likely to tip your foot to the side to avoid walking completely on your entire foot, which at a wrong angle could break the heel off of the stiletto.

Step 2

Don't take the chance trying to walk over a sidewalk grate while wearing stilettos. The chances are very high that the heel will get caught in one of the holes and it will break off.

Step 3

If you see an uneven section of sidewalk, don't make the mistake of thinking that you can walk over it. Take the long way around it if you have to to avoid getting it stuck in an uneven piece of concrete. It's much more worth it to take the long way around then to spend the night with a broken stiletto heel.

Step 4

I don't care how well you think you can walk when you're drunk, you can never walk in stiletto heels as well as when you're sober. If you think you're going to be consuming more than a few drinks, skip the stilettos and opt for a thicker heel. One move off balance the wrong way and there goes your heel.