How to Arrange Fruit for Chocolate Fountains

By Serena Thomas

A chocolate fountain is an elegant option for any party. Fruit selection can be done by theme or to taste, as there are no wrong choices if someone will enjoy the taste of that fruit and chocolate combination. Marshmallows make for an attractive display, but foodstuffs can be incorporated with the fruit. Chocolate fountains can be purchased or rented from most specialty stores with a full set of instructions.

Arranging the Fruit

Step 1

Wash 3 lbs. strawberries, 2 pt. raspberries and pat dry. Wash and pit 3 lbs. cherries. Peel and slice one bunch of bananas and 2 lbs. kiwis. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Strawberries can be left whole or cut, depending on size. Any fruit you find palatable when combined with chocolate can be used.

Step 2

Wipe the floral foam with a damp towel to remove any dust or pieces that may be transferred to the fruit and eaten accidentally. Floral foam forms come in many shapes and you can trim them to the desired size and shape.

Step 3

Insert a toothpick into a piece of fruit and stick the other end into the floral foam. Continue this process, alternating types of fruits to achieve the desired look and pattern. Seasonal patterns can be created with specific colored fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas or marshmallows for Fourth of July.

Step 4

Insert a toothpick into a marshmallow and insert the other end into the floral form to achieve the desired look. Marshmallows go well with chocolate and help visually accent the fruit.

Step 5

Arrange the fruit-covered forms next to the chocolate fountain.