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Those who have been cooking for a long time often eyeball it when they need a teaspoon of an ingredient. If you would prefer to have a guideline and your measuring spoons are nowhere to be found, common items can come in handy.

Teaspoon Tactics

A typical small kitchen spoon, the kind you use to stir your coffee, is approximately 1 teaspoon. Or grab a tablespoon and fill about a third of it with your ingredient. This will be about 1 teaspoon. Your hands are handy tools for measuring in the kitchen. The tip of a woman's thumb – from the tip to the first knuckle – is about the size of a teaspoon, says the University of Georgia. Measure solid ingredients to match against your thumb and you should be safe. A postage stamp and one six-sided die are also about the size of 1 teaspoon. Use the cap of a water bottle -- which holds about 1 teaspoon -- for measuring liquids.