Being a Playboy model is definitely prestigious, and if chosen, you'll be the talk of the town. However, you must be willing to bare all! Playmates are paid $25,000 to pose, while the Playmate of the Year earns an additonal $100,000 plus prizes like a car. If someone other than yourself sends in your application and photos, and you are chosen to pose, they will make $2500 as a finder's fee. Here's how you can be considered to be one of Hefner's girls.

First, you can request to be considered for either the Playmate Edition or the Special Edition. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and proof of age must be submitted with photos. Identification should be in the form of photocopies of two pieces consisting of only the following: social security card or ID issued by the state you are residing in, birth certificate, or passport. One ID must have a current photo and list your date of birth.

Second, photos must be submitted. These must be very clear. Sometimes the woman herself, a friend, or a partner sends in photos that catch the eye of the Playboy editors. In these photos, be sure to have on your sexiest clothing, swimsuit, or lingerie. Posing in sensual positions helps, Sensual, not ****ty. Classy, not trampy or sleezy. You must know where to draw the line.

Next, having a sense of fashion helps. Photos sent in do not necessarily have to be nude photos. Some women asked to pose for Playboy are discovered by Playboy photographers or photographers specializing in glamour, swimsuit, fashion, or similar shots.

There are different addresses to send your photos and other information to depending on what your request is. If your are requesting to be considered for the Playmate Editions, photos should be sent to: PEI 680 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA or Playmate Editor Playboy Studio West 2112 Broadway Avenue Santa Monica, California 90404 USA

If you would like to request to be considered for the Special Edition, send photos to: Playboy Special Editions 680 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA

Note that photos will not be returned unless you supply a self addressed stamped envelope for such. If you are not contacted by the end of three months, unfortunately, that means you were not selected.

Once you are selected, test shots are done. These are photos taken in the studio to see how well you will photograph and will look as a possible Playmate in a pictorial or Special Edition.

Finally, Hugh Hefner himself, and the photo editors examine these test photos together, from which Mr. Hefner makes the final decision.


  • It helps to have that "girl next door look" because in July, 1955, Janet Pilgrim was asked by Playboy to pose as the "girl next door" type. The idea was instead of having far-off glamour figures pose, to have playmates represent women readers might meet at the store, work, or a party. However, this changed again in the late 70's, having people ask for Playboy to bring back the "girl next door ".. wanting to know what happened to her. SO, we are back to that look once again, allowing for more opportunities for the "average" women to be considered and encouraged to apply.