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Olay Total Effects is an anti-aging skin care line that claims to prevent and fight seven signs of aging. The product's website states that seven skin care therapies are combined to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, dryness, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, age spots and surface dullness. The skin care line consists of several facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, specialty treatments and body washes. Olay recommends using a cleanser and moisturizer as part of your daily skin care regimen. Olay Total Effects is designed to replace other moisturizers and skin care products. After choosing a facial cleanser and moisturizer that suits your skin care needs, body wash and other specialty treatments can be added.


Wet your hands and face with lukewarm water. Olay Total Effects cleansers are gentle and intended for everyday use. Cream cleansers with blemish control can be used up to three times daily. Wet cleansing cloths can be used on the go to remove dirt and makeup from your face and neck as often as necessary; rinsing is not required.

Dispense a small amount of cleanser into your hands.

Add water and rub your hands together to create lather. Or add water and rub a Total Effects dry cleansing cloth in your hands to create lather.

Massage the lather gently over your face and neck. Or gently rub the cleansing cloth over your face and neck.

Rinse thoroughly. For best results with a cleansing cloth, rinse the cloth under water until it no longer lathers. Use the wet cloth to remove the cleanser from your face and neck.


Smooth facial moisturizer on your cleansed face and neck.

Gently massage the product in until it is fully absorbed. Total Effects with Cooling Hydration and the regular daily moisturizer and fragrance-free versions should be used daily after cleansing. Moisturizers with UV protection should be applied liberally before sun exposure and reapplied as needed.

Apply Total Effects UV moisturizer with foundation evenly to your cleansed face and neck as often as needed.

Smooth Touch of Sun moisturizer evenly over a clean face and neck once daily, avoiding the eyes and eyelids. Wash hands after the application to avoid staining your hands. The Olay website recommends using the Touch of Sun moisturizer twice a day if you have a medium or dark skin tone.

Specialty Treatments

Apply Mature Skin Therapy moisturizer liberally to a clean face and neck each morning and night.

Apply Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream to the face and neck each night. Massage into skin until the product is absorbed.

Apply a small amount of Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream to your fingertip. Dot the product under and around the eye area. Gently smooth in until it is absorbed.

Apply the Olay Total Effects Instant Smoothing Serum to your cleansed face and neck alone or before applying moisturizer or makeup. The serum should be used once or twice daily.

Body Washes

Apply a small amount of the Total Effects Deep Penetrating Moisture body wash or the Total Effects Exfoliate and Replenish body wash to a wet shower puff.

Rub the puff vigorously to create rich, foamy lather.

Wash and rinse the entire body. Both products are gentle enough for everyday use.


Olay Total Effects has created a Skin Care Starter Trio Pack to jump-start your skin care regimen. It includes the cream cleanser with blemish control, fragrance-free SPF 15 moisturizer and night firming cream.

Use only the products you need. The Total Effects line has several varieties of basic skin care products. You should not use them all. Select and use only what you need for your skin type.