Playing with makeup can lead you to a profitable career in cosmetology. Acquiring basic makeup-application skills could be the first step to a lucrative career in makeup artistry or just a fun hobby to enjoy with friends. Apply makeup skillfully to your friends and family with some practice and a little study. Applying makeup to other people is quite different, however, than applying your own makeup. Unless you're a licensed cosmetologist, you'll need to keep a hands-off approach: Use brushes only on your friends' faces (not your bare hands). Put on a smock to protect your clothes and get to work on those faces.

Ask your subject to sit in a comfortable chair in good lighting. Open your makeup brushes and position all of your makeup within reach before you get started.

Ask your subject to close her eyes and tilt her face slightly upward; apply the foundation. Start by brushing the mineral powder onto her forehead in small circles. Work your way down her face, smoothing in lines around the chin and jaw line. You may need to apply two coats of mineral powder to get a flawless finish. Remember to use a hands off approach when applying makeup. The best makeup to apply then would be one that uses a powder brush.

Select the blush brush from the brush set. Swipe the bristles across the surface of the blush. Your blush choice should be slightly darker than your subject's skin tone for a pretty, natural look. Start at the back of her cheek and make a sweeping motion toward the apple of the cheek; do this for both sides. Compare the blush-swept skin to the rest of her face. It should be barely noticeable and not too heavy.

Ask your subject to keep her eyes closed while you apply the eye makeup. Remove the eye shadow brush from the brush set. Swipe the bristles across the lightest eye-shadow color. Apply this color to the entire eyelid area from right below the eyebrow to right above the lashes. Next dab the brush in a darker color. Apply it to the crease of the eye area lightly. Carefully follow the curve of your subject's eye, accenting the eye socket.

Brush the eyeliner across the top of her lashes, starting from the outside of the eye and drawing all the way inward. Make short strokes with the eyeliner if you aren't confident with your eyeliner-drawing skills. Ask your subject to look upward; apply the mascara to her top lashes. Ask your subject to look downward while keeping her head still; carefully apply the mascara to the bottom lashes with the tip of the wand. Apply to both eyes.

Draw lipliner on your subject's lip. Start at the outer edge of the top lip and draw to the center. Do this on the left and right side. Then apply the lipliner to the bottom lip, drawing from the outside to the center. Do this on the left and right side of the lip. Fill in the lipliner with your subject's favorite lipstick.


  • Only apply makeup to clean, moisturized faces.

  • Ask your subjects if they have any known skin allergies.