How to Apply Greek Goddess Makeup

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Greek costumes are popular during Halloween. Women and men alike dress up in togas and Greek princess outfits, although women are the only ones who have to worry about makeup. The popular look for a Greek goddess consists of a bronzed complexion, dramatic eyes and either subtle or dramatic lips. In order to create the Greek goddess look, it is important to have the proper products and the time to put this look together.

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How To Apply Greek Goddess Makeup

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Prep your face. Wash your face with your facial cleanser and then towel dry it. Apply the toner to your face and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Allow your skin at least 10 minutes to dry before you start applying face makeup.

Apply foundation. Use a foundation brush, a sponge or your fingers to apply your foundation. Dot foundation onto your face and blend it into your skin. Reapply the foundation until the desired look is achieved. If necessary, apply concealer to blemishes or under-eye circles. Set your makeup with facial powder.

Create dramatic eyes. Apply a light gold eye shadow as a wash on your eyelid. Use a dark brown matte eye shadow in the crease of your eye for contouring. Be sure to blend it using a blending brush. Line your eyes with black eyeliner. Extend the liner at least 1/2" from the end of your eyelid. This will create a cat-like affect. Line the inner rim of your bottom lashes with gold eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and follow up with mascara. Apply another coat of mascara until the desired look is achieved.

Apply bronzer. Greek goddesses tend to have that golden bronze tint to their skin. Use your powder brush to apply the bronzer to your face. Apply it in light layers. Remember, it is easier to keep on layering it on as opposed to trying to remove excess bronzer. Blend away any harsh lines with a powder blush.

Apply lipstick. You can use either a burgundy or nude shade to create your lips. Line your lips with lip liner and blend the lines with a lip brush. Fill in your lips with your favorite lipstick.