How to Apply Avril Lavigne Makeup

By Contributing Writer

Avril Lavigne took the music industry by storm when she released her first single "Complicated." Fans and critics alike were captivated by the Canadian pop star's edgy lyrics and spunky attitude. Avril's musical combination of grunge, pop and rock was unlike anything else on the pop scene. Avril's bold makeup style has made an impression on the beauty industry as well. She is often seen on the red carpet sporting a dramatic smoky eye and subdued lips. With the proper tools and technique, Avril's makeup can be easily replicated.

This photo demonstrates Avril's typical smoky eye look.

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Step 1

Prepare your skin. Whenever you apply makeup, it is crucial that your skin is clean. This prevents breakouts and clogged pores. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and towel dry it. Soak a cotton ball with toner and apply the toner to your face. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Make sure you allow your skin at least ten minutes to absorb the moisturizer. This prevents makeup from slipping off your face later in the day.

Step 2

Apply foundation. Very few people are born with perfect skin. However, with foundation, you can fake flawless skin. Apply dots of foundation onto your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Use your fingers, a damp makeup sponge or a foundation brush to blend the makeup into your skin. Blend the foundation further, if you notice any streaks or unevenness.

Step 3

Cover up. While foundation aids an individual in achieving an even-looking skin tone, sometimes it doesn't cover up everything you need it to. That is when you break out the concealer. Apply the concealer underneath your eyes and to blemishes. Use your ring finger to blend the concealer into your skin. Once everything has been concealed, apply a light layer of face powder.

Step 4

Create the smoky eye. Apply an eyeshadow base to your eyelid. MAC Cosmetics has a great Paint Pot called Blackground that is designed for a smoky eye. Once you have applied the base, it's time to apply eyeshadow. Apply an even layer of matte gray eyeshadow as a wash over your lid. Apply a charcoal-colored eyeshadow over the outer half of your eyelid. Blend the two eye shadows together using a blending brush. Line both the top and bottom lash line with black eyeliner. Use a smudge brush to soften the eyeliner. Finish up with a coat of mascara.

Step 5

Finish with the pout. Since Avril usually wears bold eye makeup, she typically keeps her lip gloss simple. She chooses nude peach or nude pink lip glosses that accent her bold eye makeup. MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Prrrr or Culture Clash will accent your look nicely. Line your lips with a nude lip liner. Blend the liner into your lips so it looks more natural. Apply the lip gloss and rub your lips together. Enjoy your new Avril Lavigne-inspired makeup!