Cuff bracelets are solid, open-ended bracelets of metal, such as silver, that slide onto a person's wrist. Since cuff bracelets are all one piece, often with stone inlaid in them, they may not appear at first glance to be adjustable. However, the metal can be bent to accommodate the size of your wrist. You can adjust your cuff bracelet in or out by 1/2 inch --- to make it smaller or larger --- to fit your wrist without having to send it to a jeweler.

Remove the bracelet from your wrist. Place your left hand firmly over the left end of the cuff bracelet and hold onto the bracelet. Place your right hand onto the cuff bracelet, above your left hand. Keep both hands on the bracelet.

Push the left end of the bracelet in or pull it out, but bending it with your hands to adjust the cuff's size. Squeeze the bracelet end in if you want to make the cuff bracelet smaller. Gently pull the bracelet end out if you want to make the cuff bracelet larger.

Place your right hand firmly over the right end of the bracelet. Place your left hand above your right hand on the bracelet and firmly hold onto it. Push the end in or pull it out with your hands depending on whether you want to make the cuff bracelet larger or smaller.