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Although the '80s have come and gone, the decade known for bright, bold, outlandish clothes has left an indelible mark on fashion in the form of leggings. Whether you wear them under skirts, tunic tops, or with an oversized flannel shirt, leggings are a comfortable way to look cool and casual. When picking out a new pair, it's important to choose the right size and fabric which will make all the difference between a fashion "do" and a fashion "don't."

Legging Size and Fit

Leggings should fit like a second-skin -- snugly across the buttocks, thighs and calves. But be wary of choosing a too-tight pair. The waistband should not be so tight that it creates the dreaded "muffin top". Additionally, if the fabric looks distorted or becomes sheer when worn, it means they are too small, so go up a size. At the other end of the spectrum, leggings should never appear loose or bag in the knees.

Legging Fit Variations

For the best fit, choose leggings made from fabric that blends cotton and a stretchy fiber like nylon or spandex. Bounce-back stretch is essential for a proper fit. Make sure your leggings are completely opaque; sheer styles, while popular in the '80s, are more hosiery than pants. Finally, unless you are headed to the gym, choose leggings that are cut to the ankle; knee-cropped lengths tend to cut off your legs and visually shorten your figure.