How Should I Wear My Hair on a Cruise?

By LeafTV Editor

A cruise is a wonderful, rejuvenating experience and a pleasant way to sit back, relax and pamper yourself. Whether your hair is long, short, naturally straight or curly, you can enjoy these timeless classic hairstyles that will help you to look and feel absolutely beautiful while you are cruising the high seas.

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How Should I Wear My Hair On A Cruise


Decide what type of style you'd like to have while on your vacation. Because cruise ships have dancing and entertainment-laden evening programs, many women opt for more glamorous styling in the evening, while keeping things simpler with a single head scarf throughout the day.

Go glam for evening events. One of the most elegant, fashionable looks for evening is a simple bun at the nape of the neck. Celebrities have been incorporating a braid into the classic style by putting two two braid strands into the bun. To get the look, simply braid one strand of hair on the left, and one on the right, and then wrap those strands around your bun at the nape of your neck. Fasten with a lovely jeweled hair barrette or butterfly hair clip. Finish with hair spray to make the look last.

Dress down for daytime with a more wash-and-go look. A simple head scarf in the style of Jackie O can serve a practical as well as an aesthetic function by keeping the wind from blowing your hair as you are cruising the ship's upper deck. To get the look, wrap a head scarf around your hairline and fasten closed with scarf pin or tie with single knot. For the 1960s look, tie on the left or right side at the back of the head, and let the scarf ends flow freely in the breeze.

Make a trip to your ship's salon for even more ideas on how to style your hair. Most cruise lines (including Carnival and Royal Caribbean) have elegantly appointed day spas and professional stylists on hand in the salon. Appointments are typically made after you have boarded the ship.