How Often Should You Change Paraffin Wax?

By LeafTV Editor


woman foot in paraffin bath at the spa
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How Often Should You Change Paraffin Wax

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Paraffin Wax Is Sterile

A home paraffin bath offers skin rejuvenation and relief from arthritis, among other remedies. The paraffin coats and warms your skin; after it hardens, you peel it off. Even with repeated dipping, studies show that paraffin wax remains a hostile environment for microbes and fungi, so it's always sterile. Thus, changing the wax to keep it sterile is not an issue.

Paraffin Becomes Stale and Collects Debris

Paraffin tends to collect fibers, pet hair and---naturally---human hair over time. All of this matter collects as sediment at the bottom and can become unsightly. Also, paraffin's scent will eventually wane. If you use it constantly in a professional setting, change it every six months; change a home paraffin bath whenever the sediment becomes noticeable.

Bottom Line

You can change out your wax by heating it for a few minutes until the outer edges have heated, then taking it out and replacing it with more wax, or by straining it to remove the sediment, hairs and fibers that have collected, although this can become a messy process. As for bacteria and fungi, however, have no worries; your paraffin is clean.