How Much Energy Does a Hair Dryer Use?

By Patrick Nelson

Sticking your head out of the window of your car on the freeway as you drive to work has its advantages. Your hair dries quickly assuming it's not raining and it's cheap and ecologically sound--you're already burning the energy getting to work. The disadvantages are that it can be difficult to see the road and you can't hear the radio.

Get a Hair Dryer

The top-rated hair dryers have had recorded airspeeds of 80 mph anyway, so why not buy a hair dryer? If you're ecoaware, you may be put off by the conspicuous energy consumption. Hair dryers use a lot of energy.

No. 1 Hair Dryer

The No. 1 rated hair dryer based on customer reviews, materials, technologies, versatility and warranties, according to hair website Folica, is the Sedu Revolution Pro TGR 4000i hair dryer. This is the most popular hair dryer and has an airspeed of 80 mph. Its airflow is 86m3/h. This hair dryer has 60 percent more power than a conventional hair dryer. It has an ionizer to reduce frizz and static by 90 percent and it cuts drying time in half. Its motor uses 1875W to 2000W, which is the equivalent of 33 light bulbs.

Best Hair Dryers: Nos. 2-5

No. 2 on Folica's list is the Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, with almost as long-winded a name as the Sedu; it comes in at 1875W or 31 light bulbs. It also has an ionizer. No. 3 is the Italian 1800W Elchim Classic, producing a whopping 40 liters of air a second. No. 4 is the CHI Nano at 1400W or just 23 light bulbs. No. 5 is the BaByliss PRO TT at 1900W.

Best Hair Dryers: Nos. 6-9

No. 6 is the Hot Tools Salon Dryer at only 1200W--not bad because it's one that you sit under and would think would be hungry for power. The No. 7 is the T3 Evolution at 2000W. No. 8 is the Sedu UltraPower at 1750W. No. 9 is the folding X5 Superlight traveling hair dryer at 1600W.

The Winner

This makes the Hot Tools Salon Dryer our most ecologically friendly dryer based on power use at 1200W. Or just 20 light bulbs.