Zucchini is available year-round, but is best in summer. It is nearly 95 percent water, which makes it very susceptible to mold. To maintain freshness, buying and storing zucchini properly is imperative.

Buying Zucchini

When shopping for zucchini, avoid bruised pieces. Bruising increases the risk of the vegetable growing mold or wilting.

Storing Zucchini in the Refrigerator

Wipe excess moisture off with a paper towel; store in a plastic zip bag in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator after removing excess air from the bag. Do not wash as the excess water will cause it to rot quickly.

Storing Zucchini in the Freezer

If you intend to use the zucchini later than 7 days, place the air-tight plastic bag in the freezer. Freezing will cause the zucchini to lose its texture, but will be suitable in baked or stewed dishes.

How Long Will It Stay Fresh?

Stored property, zucchini will maintain freshness for 5 to 7 days. If stored for a longer duration, it will quickly lose freshness and will eventually secrete all of its moisture. After a week, the bag could be filled with green water.

The Key to Freshness

Zucchini rots when moisture meets air. The crisper drawer is ideal as it maintains model humidity for fresh produce. Keep excess moisture and air away for the vegetable for maximum freshness.

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