How Long Does Rice Keep After Cooking?

By LeafTV Editor

Rice is a principal world food crop. Farmers around the world grow thousands of rice varieties in different ways. In the West, cooks prepare rice as a side dish, but it is the main dish in many cultures.

A bowl of fluffy rice ready to eat and enjoy.

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Rice is a Staple

A Vietnam rice farmer labors in a rice paddy.

The people of many countries rely on rice as a significant part of their diet. Rice is packed with protein and makes up a substantial part of vegan and vegetarian diets. Rice grows in thousands of varieties suited for various world locations.

Cooking Rice

Rice is eaten alone or as a key ingredient in many dishes.

Rice cooking times vary depending on the shape and processing of the grain. Whole-grain rices take longer to cook. Proper cooking of long-grained rices results in fluffy, separated grains of rice. Shorter-grained rices are stickier when cooked. Chefs use them in dishes such as risottos or rice balls.


Serve cooked rice promptly to prevent food poisoning.

Store cooked rice in a sealed food container and refrigerate for no longer than one day. Leaving cooked rice out uncovered may result in food poisoning. Bacteria will breed on the large surface area of the grains.