By Nellie Day

A salt scrub keeps skin clean and clear. By gently rubbing a salt scrub on your face in a circular motion you allow the salt crystals to penetrate and remove dead skin. It can also grab onto oils and bacteria that clogs pores and causes breakouts. These items wash off your face when you wash off the scrub, usually after a morning or nightly shower. Salt is very gentle on the skin as well, which prevents the scrub from irritating the skin or causing broken capillaries, as long as you don't have a pre-existing skin condition. Just be sure that you're gentle enough with your face, especially sensitive areas like under your eyes and around your lips. If you scrub these areas too hard it can cause irritation.

How Does a Salt Scrub Affect Skin?

Smooth and Clear Skin

Add Glow

By continually ridding yourself of dead skin, newer, younger skin is able to shine through. Not only can a salt scrub eliminate the dead skin, but it can also remove debris, dust, dirt and oil from your skin, leaving you with a more natural glow. You can heighten this glow by moisturizing with a hypo-allergenic moisturizer. Bronzer can also add to that glow, as can using the salt scrub consistently, approximately once every two to three days. Depending on your skin's profile, you may be able to use the scrub more or less frequently. Consult with your dermatologist before starting any skin-care regime.

Prevent Irritation

You should not use a salt scrub on the same day that you shave your skin, as a razor acts as an exfoliant and will slough off any dead skin that may have built up. Therefore, if you use a salt scrub after shaving you will be scrubbing a brand-new layer of skin, which can cause irritation and a razor-burn-like rash. You should also refrain from using a salt scrub if you know you have sensitive skin or a skin condition such as eczema. Take additional care if you've undergone other skin treatments such as a chemical peel or waxing. Never use a salt scrub on red, irritated, blotchy or burned skin, or on an area with an open wound or sore.