Fresh baked batata with black garlic and thyme herb.

The Daniel Fast is used to help people learn the discipline of fasting and prayer. The guidelines come from the Bible story recording how Daniel ate only vegetables and fruit and drank only water for three weeks. Since margarine, butter, sour cream and any dairy-based products are forbidden, there is a need for seasoning substitutes for potatoes.

Use a butter substitute like Pam, which is acceptable on the Daniel Fast. Buy the specific "butter" can of Pam. If you want to eat a baked potato, you can spray the inside of the potato as if you were adding actual butter. You can also use Pam when recipes call for butter or margarine.

Add salt and pepper; they are acceptable on the Daniel Fast. You can add them during meal preparation as well as after. Just use as sparingly as possible. Try other types of pepper, such as cayenne or paprika.

Add herbs like rosemary and thyme to season your potatoes. You can use any herb or use mixtures such as curry powder.

Use garlic cloves to add flavor. Dice garlic cloves and sprinkle them on the tops of potatoes before baking.

Sprinkle extra virgin olive oil on cut-up potatoes and bake for a healthier version of french fries.