Eggplant is related to tomatoes and potatoes, but it has a flavor and texture all its own. The deep purple skin and pale flesh add color to your dinner plate on its own or mixed in to recipes. While frying is a common way of cooking eggplant, this adds unnecessary oil to the vegetable, adding fat and decreasing the nutritional value. You can use a microwave oven to cook eggplant in less time, with less fat and without masking the flavor of the eggplant like frying does.

Things You'll Need

Wash the eggplant under lukewarm running water. Scrub thoroughly, ensuring all dirt is removed, if you are cooking the eggplant with the skin on.

Cut the stem-end off the eggplant with a sharp knife. Peel the skin off with a paring knife, if desired, or leave the skin on if you prefer to keep the purple color in the dish.

Cut the eggplant in half lengthwise. Lay each half down on a cutting board, cut side down. Slice the eggplant into one-inch cubes.

Place the cubed eggplant into a two-quart microwave-safe bowl. Place 2 tbsp. butter in the bowl and cover with a paper towel or microwave splatter-guard. Set the bowl in the microwave.

Microwave on high for seven to 10 minutes. Stop the microwave every two minutes during the cooking time and stir. Remove the microwave once the eggplant is as tender as desired.


  • Replace the butter with olive oil for a lighter and healthier dish.

  • Add bread crumbs, salt and oregano for a quick side dish.

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